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That´s Life - a Short Story, this Time about People


That’s life – a short story about possible interpretations of one’s words, and about what happens not only among dog owners+breeders.

Once upon a time, there was a King, a Death Convict and a Scrivener. The Death Convict was innocent, and after some investigation, the King realised what everybody else had already known. He decided to grant pardon to the Death Convict. He called the Scrivener, thinking the Scrivener was a trustworthy person. However, the Scrivener was a malicious and evil man, who loved nobody but himself, and he enjoyed when people disliked each other. And the King started dictating:  

"Execute impossible; Pardon be granted to the Death Convict.“

However, the Scrivener, led by his malice, played dirty with the Fate and the punctuation. He wrote the following:

" Execute. Impossible pardon be granted to the Death Convict."

And that was exactly what happened. The innocent Death Convict was executed. People turned to their King, whom they suddenly believed a cruel man: "What have you done, Your Majesty, that person was innocent!“ The King defended himself: “But I granted pardon to him!“ People reacted: “Haven’t you used exactly these words: ´ Execute – impossible - pardon - be - granted - to - the - Death - Convict ´?" The King retorted: "Of course, yes, but..."

But no buts.

That’s life. One malicious Scrivener is enough to destroy your good reputation, or you are dead sooner before you even realise what is going on.