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About Akhami




Born 20.5.2007


I met Akhami for the first time when she was four weeks old. We planned to take her beautiful golden brother Tamzakh, and in spite of the fact that I felt an irresistible attraction towards the tiny little brindle girl since the very moment I knew she had been born, I forbid myself to think about her. Tamzakh was beautiful, communicative, showing no shyness; he came to me immediately, trying to climb on my lap. His little sister was much more reserved and I thought she would be quite a complicated little creature. That really was something for me – I love complicated souls. But she had been already reserved. However, one week before we were supposed to collect Tamzakh, the situation changed: Akhami´s supposed future owner could not take her and I was offered to have Akhami instead of Tamzakh. There was an Azawakh-experienced person who wished to take Tamzakh. I felt torn; at home, everything was prepared for Tamzakh, we already loved him… but, on the other hand, this little Akhami… what if she would be taken by someone who would not understand her complicated little soul… what if she would not be loved as much as she deserved… I have to admit there were even some tears involved in the decision-making process. One week after that, we started for Munich for our little Akhami, and I have never ever regretted my decision.


I love Akhami. Her soul is crystalline pure and beautiful. She is shy and daring, fragile and harsh, loving, soft and wildly independent. Joyful. Crazy. She is a talker. She has genuine instincts of a semi-wild creature that demonstrates her love for me in a breathtaking way. She makes me laugh. She makes me think about relations with people, dogs, Nature and myself, about the best way of winning the trust of this beautiful little creature with a vulnerable soul. She is so bright, intelligent and able to learn so fast like any dog I have ever had.  She is utterly curious, as every Azawakh. We belong together and I am happy to share my life with her. The Fate has given this little dog to me, and I do not understand how it comes I have been rewarded with such a blessing.




Preview of picture in folder Akhami