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Akhami and Racing and Lure Coursing


Lure Coursing

Akhami loves hunting with all her heart. Her character reminds me of her mother Taletmot and mainly of her African grandmother Taytok. Sometimes she makes me think that the only trait she has inherited from her father Tari is her beautiful brindle colour. But when it comes to independence, she is just like Taytok. We started participating in coursing trainings so that she could discharge her energy and use her hunting abilities. Akhami obtained her lure coursing licence in March 2009. Shortly after she was awarded the “Czech Coursing Winner 2009“ title and she had the right to participate in the European Coursing Championship in Marienbad, Cz. It sounds nice, isn’t it? However, the situation of the Azawakhs in sporting events is similar to the situation in the show ring: there is almost no competition. In 2009, Akhami was the only Azawakh female participating in lure coursing in the Czech Republic.

I enjoy coursing. I like the moment before the race starts, when I am holding Akhami and I can feel her excited little heart beating almost literally in my hand. And then, I let her go. It is as if I set free a wild creature, to let her go to be free and happy… And this wild creature returns to me, sparkling with energy and happiness, her shining eyes looking directly in mine. She is telling me with the whole of her vibrating body that she has just had her big hunt for which she has been born, and that she is happy to be back with me… It is a nice experience… for both of us.




Akhami is a huntress, so she does not care where and how she runs, it is the hunting which is important. She also enjoys classic racing, in spite of the fact that we have not been to the track too often.


Preview of picture in folder Akhami